World Millennial

You Have The Power

You are now the largest generation. (1.)
Your members are of traditional consuming age - 18-35.
Young immigrants continuously expand your numbers every day. (2.)
Your generation is both sought-after and feared by corporations and politicians. (3.)

Don't Sleep Through Your Revolution

The World Changes to Please You

Worldwide Millennials scare the hell out of religious fundamentalists, conservatives of every stripe, die hard capitalists, pathocrats, and, most of all — Republicans in the U.S.A. Millennials, You Have the Power to effect change for the better — worldwide.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Plans New Chain To Court Millennials

Associated Press, Huffington Post, 6 May 2015

NEW YORK (AP) — “Whole Foods is planning to open a new chain of stores that courts millennials with lower prices as it faces intensifying competition as a purveyor of organic and natural products.”

“The company said Wednesday it's building a team to focus exclusively on the new concept and that it's already negotiating leases. Stores are expected to start opening next year, followed by a 'fairly rapid expansion,' it said.”

“Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods, said the stores will also appeal to younger customers with a 'modern, streamlined design, innovative technology and a curated selection.'”

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